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Financial Terms

Following are some of the specifics about fees, reservations, cancellations, and more. If you have questions, email the Business Office, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Anyone who applies for enrollment or reenrollment less than 13 days prior to the beginning of classes for the semester will be charged a $50 late fee.

Canceling after Classes Begin

Any new student who claims his reservation and leaves after classes begin for a term, or any present or former student who leaves after claiming his reservation, will owe tuition and program fee (and if applicable, room and board) through the date of withdrawal, with a minimum due of 20% of the semester rate for tuition and program fee (and if applicable, room and board). This applies to students who leave for any reason—either voluntary withdrawal or expulsion. Should a student leave the University for any reason after having paid more than the amounts outlined above, a refund would be made to him for any overpayment; but no other refunds will be made to a student for any other reason.

If a student who has been admitted for admission to the University finds at any time that he cannot fill his reservation, he should cancel his reservation as soon as possible by contacting the Admission office (800-252-6363, or email).

Students Entering Late

A student who enters late owes the tuition and fees for the entire semester and the room and board prorated according to the date on which he enters. Should such a student leave the University after entering late, he will owe, as do all students, the room, board, tuition, and program fee as stated in the second paragraph of this Financial Terms section.

Any outstanding charges referred to a collection agency will have the collection agency fees added to the balance due. It is understood that all of the terms in this section are accepted as part of the contract by person(s) who signed the financial responsibility statement on the student’s application for admission.

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