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Tuition/Room & Board 2015-16

Full-Time Students



Tuition (10-18 hours) $7,125 $14,250
Room and Board
Residence hall students carry a minimum of 12 hours
$3,140 $6,280
Program fee starting at
Fees vary by program
$325 $650

Total – Direct Costs



Additional hours above 18 hours per semester is $355 per hour.

Part-Time Students

Tuition per hour $710
Audit Fee per hour $710
Program Fee (1-5 hours) 50% of rate
Program Fee (6-9 hours) 75% of rate

A part-time student who audits or retakes a class is expected to pay at the regular part-time rate the amount which he would pay if the class were taken for credit.

Seminary Students


Tuition per semester (10-16 hours) $3,600
Room and board $3,140
Program fees $225


Tuition per hour (1-9 hours per semester) $360
Program fee per semester (1-5 hours) $115
Program fee per semester (6-9 hours) $170

Seminary Summer Sessions

One-week Sessions

Tuition per credit hour $360
Room and board: Contact Admission for available options

Summer school tuition is due at registration and is non-refundable.