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Veterans Benefits

Bob Jones University is approved by the Veterans Administration (VA) as a training facility for eligible veterans, service personnel, reservists, children and widow/widowers of veterans. BJU’s Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) collects and processes all required VA documentation.

Apply for VA benefits

  1. Apply to BJU.
  2. After being admitted to BJU, apply for Veterans Educational Benefits. Information regarding eligibility, applications and certification may be obtained from the Veterans Administration (1.888.GI.BILL.1) or from BJU’s OVA.
  3. Send a copy of your DD214 Member form and the Certificate of Eligibility to BJU.
  4. Upon receipt of all required documentation, your Enrollment Certification will be submitted to the VA Regional Office.
  5. After receiving your award letter from the VA, submit a copy to BJU.

The OVA acts as a point of contact and liaison for the student, the university and the Veterans Administration. The School’s Certifying Official (SCO) collects and processes all required VA documentation. Note that the SCO is not part of the Veterans Administration, but is an employee of Bob Jones University.



School’s Certifying Official

Tracy Brown
Financial Aid Office

Contact Info

Veterans Administration Regional Office

1801 Assembly Street
Columbia, SC 29201

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

P.O. Box 100022
Office of Financial Aid
Decatur, GA 30031-7022

About VA benefits

  • Benefits are paid on a monthly basis and the amount varies depending on the veteran’s status.
  • The first benefit check usually will be received approximately 6 to 8 weeks after you have been certified by the School’s Certifying Official.
  • Post 9/11 recipients will receive a check for their housing allowance plus a book stipend. Tuition funds will be sent directly to the University.
  • VA programs and policies and University services and procedures are subject to change. You should maintain contact with the University’s OVA and the Veterans Administration.
  • Your enrollment will be certified on a semester-by-semester basis, not on an annual basis.
  • If you withdraw from BJU, drop or add a course that may change your training time, or change your major, you are required to immediately contact the University’s SCO concerning the necessary forms to complete.
  • Dropping your credit load may result in a retroactive reduction in benefits, thus creating an overpayment. As a result of an overpayment, you may then owe a debt to the Veterans Administration or the school. Please see the note concerning overpayment.
  • Benefits will not be paid for audited courses or courses that do not count toward graduation.
  • Benefits will be discontinued if you do not maintain SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress).