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Family Documentation

Apply for aid

Please complete and submit Form 22-5490 which can be done online at the VONAPP website. It is advisable that you print a copy of Form 22-5490 to keep for your personal records.

After Form 22-5490 has been submitted, you will receive 2 copies of a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). You should bring one copy of the COE to the School’s Certifying Official (SCO) and retain the other copy for your records.

Once the certification has been submitted, you will receive an award letter from the VA. You need to submit a copy of the award letter to the SCO. At this point, you should begin receiving your monthly checks.

Required documents

Below is a list of the documents required before the student’s enrollment can be certified.

  • Intent to Use VA/Military Benefits
  • Certificate of Eligibility