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Welcome to Bob Jones University

40% of BJU students were homeschooled

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An exciting future awaits at BJU

Bob Jones University is a positive, Christ-honoring community governed by biblical principles. At BJU you’ll be challenged to develop Christlike character as you build your faith in God and His Word, challenge yourself to exceed even your own expectations, and prepare to follow Christ with your life. You’ll meet hundreds of students from all across the globe and make new godly friendships that will enrich your college experience. You’ll learn from professors who care about your long-term academic, vocational and spiritual success.

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Our Bible core will challenge you to explore God’s Word in a rich and deep way. You’ll learn the principles of interpreting the Bible for yourself and how to apply it to every aspect of your life. You’ll learn these truths from godly professors who are committed to the absolute truth of Scripture and interpret it literally (including a literal six-day recent creation).

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Liberal Arts

BJU’s liberal arts education–a broad range of subjects such as literature, history, music, science and philosophy–will enhance your understanding of the Creator. You’ll gain insight into the creative power of God (through science and mathematics) and the nature of humankind (history, philosophy and cultural studies), while learning to appreciate excellence and beauty in the world (literature, music and art). The liberal arts will challenge you to see life from a broader perspective, while developing essential life skills.

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Outreach Ministries

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest privileges we have as believers. Our founder was an evangelist, and that spirit is still vibrant today with more than 200 student-led outreach ministries, including nursing home ministries, door-to-door evangelism and Bible clubs.

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Fine Arts

Drama, music, art and more—there’s no shortage of fine arts opportunities at BJU! Whether you take music lessons, participate in a student-led play or browse the art gallery, you’ll find BJU excels in the arts.

Student Handbook

Bob Jones University is all about discipleship toward Christlikeness. Everything we do here–from academics to sports to society outings to prayer groups–is designed to help you develop Christlike character that is manifest in a scripturally disciplined life, in service to others and love for God in sharing the Gospel, and in biblical discernment of what counts for eternity.

The handbook emphasizes the theological basis for what we do and the personal heart behind the policies of BJU. Our aim is for you to grow as a child of God and to know and understand our expectations of you from the outset and over the course of your tenure as a BJU student.

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