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2014 Distinguished Servant Award

Chuck and Gail Nicholas

Chuck NicholasToday we honor two graduates with the Distinguished Servant Award. They share this award today just as they have shared in their ministry here on the Bob Jones University campus since their marriage in 1983. This husband and wife team found their unique place and calling as they took over a fledgling Bob Jones Academy program 31 years ago and have led it to the top ten percent in the nation in membership and competitive success.

Their individual and shared recognition and accomplishments are many—including serving as the National Forensic League South Carolina District Chair for a total of 25 years, receiving a combined 15 Distinguished Service Plaques from the National Forensic League, being named 2014 South Carolina Class I-A Coach of the Year and recognition this summer as a Five Diamond Coach by the league—marking both longevity and success within the organization.

Our recipients are well known all over North and South Carolina for their expertise in speech and debate tournament management. They manage about 15 tournaments a year for public schools in the Carolinas. They serve as mentors to new programs in South Carolina, and both also serve on the National Tournament Tab Room Staff for the National Speech and Debate Association.

This success in the field of speech and debate has been reached while continuing to serve in the classroom and in summer camps, participating in BJU’s Classic Players, overseeing Bob Jones Academy extracurricular activities and alumni reunions, and also serving on the Bob Jones University Alumni Association Executive Committee.

Gail NicholasThese award-winning teachers and coaches see their greatest achievements in those whom they have served—including preachers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, politicians, missionaries, homemakers, an associate dean, and the University’s president. Each of those who experienced the mentoring of our recipients give testimony to the influence this couple has played in their lives.

Our recipients also included their two sons in their work—with both sharing a love for speech and the stage. Their eldest son is an alumnus of the University and the youngest is currently a senior.

For their success in leading Bob Jones Academy and members of its forensics teams to state and national recognition, for their faithfulness in service to the overall ministry of their alma mater, and for their direct influence in the academic and spiritual lives of dozens of former and current Bob Jones University and Academy students; the Alumni Executive Committee is pleased to award this year's Distinguished Servant Award to Chuck and Gail Nicholas.