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Alumni Support

Bob Jones University exists by the grace of God. Over the years the Lord has led faithful friends and alumni to see the importance of the mission of this ministry. God has used these generous supporters to allow BJU to exist debt free while keeping the cost of education well below the average cost of a private university education. Below are ways to support BJU through the Alumni Association.

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Alumni Child Tuition Aid (ACTA) Grants

The Alumni Association gives annual grants to current students at BJU that are the children of Alumni Association members. Money for these grants comes from the interest earned on the principal in the ACTA Grant Fund. Fourteen to sixteen ACTA Grants are given each year and presently amount to $800 for a residence hall student and $400 for a town student. Send your donation directly to the Alumni Association and designate it for ACTA. Your gift will be added to the fund principal.

General Fund Donations

The Alumni Association is a self-supporting ministry operating on monies received from dues and general donations. The Association receives no funds from the University. Your donation sent directly to the Alumni Association and designated General Fund will be most welcome and helpful.


From time to time the Alumni Association raises funds for a specific project to benefit the University, such as building the Alumni Stadium, purchasing the seats for the Amphitorium, installing an elevator in the Alumni Building, buying a coach bus, lighting the tennis courts, etc. Special fund-raising mailings and promotions are conducted regularly by the Association when a project is undertaken.

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