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An essential part of the BJU experience, chapel is a time for the university community to gather together around God’s Word. Through faithful preaching and teaching, you’ll be challenged and inspired to know, love and serve God with all of your life.

Chapel meets in the Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium Monday through Thursday at 11 a.m. Guests are welcome to attend.

Semester Themes

Each semester two different themes are covered—a discipleship theme and a doctrinal theme.

The discipleship theme, presented by President Pettit, corresponds to the studies that the residence hall discipleship groups do.

The doctrinal themes are presented by Bible and Seminary faculty members.

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Seeking Things Above

The discipleship theme highlights the importance of “Seeking Things Above.” President Pettit will challenge our hearts with the rich truths of Colossians 3—being raised with Christ, putting away sinful things and wrapping ourselves in godly things, enjoying the peace of Christ, and more.

Our Ancient Foe

The doctrinal theme gives us a chance to delve into a topic that is essential but not often addressed. Semester faculty members and guest speakers will preach on the nature of angels, demons and Satan himself, on spiritual warfare and the armor of God, and on heaven and hell.


Throughout the year, we will be webcasting chapels that are focused on our two semester themes. If you aren’t able to watch live, past messages are available on demand.


Date Speaker Webcast
Dec. 12 (Mon) Dr. Steve Pettit
Dec. 14 (Wed) Dr. Steve Pettit Webcast

Recent Messages

Listen to more sermons at

Want a message on CD? Contact the Bruins Shop at 1-800-252-1927 or by email. Messages are $2.50 plus shipping/handling.