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Festival Copyright Info

Please remember that you will need 1 original copy of each selection of music you perform for a judge’s copy. If you or your accompanist will be using music for any of your performances, those copies will also need to be original copies.

Photocopies of music may be used only under the following circumstances (handwritten copies fall under the same guidelines):

  • The music is in the public domain—it is not copyrighted, the copyright date is before 1923 or the copyright date is between 1923-1963 and has not been renewed.
  • The copyrighted music has been ordered but not yet received, and you have a note from a music store stating that you have ordered and paid for the music.
  • You present a letter from the publisher or the copyright holder giving permission to copy the music.
  • You or your accompanist may reproduce single pages to facilitate page turns. The original published score must also be present on the music stand and/or music rack.
  • An emergency copy may be made to replace previously purchased copies which for any reason are not available for an imminent performance. The purchased replacement copies must be substituted at the earliest opportunity.
  • If you are using digital sheet music or something similar printed from an online download, you will need to provide proof of purchase or a “permission to use” letter with your music.

Please note further the following copyright considerations.

  • Copyrighted music may be edited or simplified provided that the fundamental character—melodically and harmonically—of the work is not distorted.
  • Copyrighted lyrics may never be changed without permission of the copyright holder.
  • Personal arrangements of a copyrighted work must have the written permission of the copyright holder.
  • Please direct any questions on copyright to Mr. Paul Jantz, (864) 370-1800, ext. 2750.