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High School Festival

November 3-6, 2014

The High School Festival provides challenge to Christian teenagers by recognizing their achievements and developing their talents through activities directed by university faculty.

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For 2014, the BJU High School Fine Arts Festival will feature a new format in communication and drama events.

Participants will enjoy the following brand new events:

  • Masterclasses and workshops presented by BJU faculty in communication and dramatic arts
  • Performances, demonstrations and film screenings by BJU students, faculty and staff
  • A 24-hour playwriting event featuring high school festival participants
  • Special sessions for sponsors in speech and drama pedagogy
  • Tours of BJU theatre, film and mass communication facilities

Competitions in the areas of duo-acting and solo performance will continue to be a part of the festival.

Our schedule for the festival has been completely revised this year to make these new events possible. It all begins on Monday, November 3.

Since the event has been completely redesigned, we would encourage you to read our FAQ section and revised rules for the events. We are excited about the new festival format: we believe students and sponsors will have a wonderful time of competition and enrichment!

FAQ on New Format

Why have you changed the format of the festival?

Does that mean that there will be no more competitive events?

Why have you eliminated the competition in Oral Reading of Scripture?

What about the Poetry category?

What kinds of classes and workshops will be part of the festival?

What is the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition and how can my students participate?

Won’t it be difficult for participants to be fully involved in the Communication/Drama Festival as well as in music, art and preaching competitions?


Please note school contest limitations.

  • Participants may enter a maximum of 3 individual/solo contests. Contestants may not compete against themselves in any group competition; therefore, they may not be a member of more than 1 group within any particular contest area (e.g., competing in 2 different small vocal ensembles).
  • Entry in up to 3 art categories will count as only 1 Festival contest.
  • A contestant may win 1st place in any individual/solo contest only once, although he may enter that same contest another year in order to receive the judges’ critiques. Groups may win 1st place more than once.
  • Any student who does not fulfill all of the contest requirements will forfeit his right to win but will receive judges’ written critiques.

Large-Group Experience

Contestants will want to rehearse and perform in large groups hosted by members and directors of BJU performing organizations.


  • Festival Wind Ensemble—Students in 9th–12th grades will be chosen for this ensemble based on a live audition—no walk-ons will be allowed. Players will sign up for a Monday audition time at check-in for the Festival on Monday, November 3. Judges will hear short sight-reading excerpts and scales in the following keys: G, C, F, B-flat, E-flat, A-flat and D-flat. A list of those selected for this ensemble will be posted by Tuesday, 8 a.m.
  • Festival Concert Band—Open to brass/woodwind/percussion players (with at least 3 years’ playing experience) participating in any area of the Festival who do not wish to audition or who are not selected for the Wind Ensemble.

String Orchestra

  • Enrollment is limited and early registration is encouraged.
  • Violin I must be able to play with confidence and ease in fifth position, Violin II & Viola in third position, Cello & Bass in fourth position

Festival Concert Chorus & World/Folk Music Chorus

  • Festival Concert Chorus—Open to SATB singers recommended by their director. Each school or homeschool group may select up to 3 balanced quartets of SATB for a total of 12 singers maximum. These singers will rehearse and perform concert choral literature with the Chorale, BJU’s premiere choir, under the direction of Dr. Warren Cook. Enrollment is limited and participation is available only by your director’s recommendation and receipt of your Festival reservation before the deadline.
  • World/Folk Music Chorus—Open to SATB singers participating in any area of the Festival. This chorus will rehearse and perform world/folk music with BJU’s all-freshmen choir, University Singers, under the direction of Dr. Eli Yanson. Enrollment is limited and early registration is encouraged.
  • Each director must submit with his school’s reservations a list of the balanced SATB quartets under his direction that he desires to be included in the Festival Concert Chorus. Participation in the World/Folk Music Chorus does not need to be as part of a “balanced quartet”; individual entries are welcome.


Music, Communication, Media Art

1st Place individual/solo winners

  • Trophy
  • Paid program fee for the 1st semester of their freshman year should they enroll at BJU
  • Scholarship to attend a BJU summer camp

2nd Place individual/solo winners

  • Plaque
  • Scholarship to attend a BJU summer camp

3rd Place individual/solo winners

  • Plaque
  • One-half scholarship to attend a BJU summer camp

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place group winners

  • Trophy

Art & Design

Art: Best of Show (2-D and 3-D)

  • Trophy
  • Program fee for the 1st semester of their freshman year should they enroll at BJU
  • Scholarship to attend a BJU summer camp

1st Place

  • Trophy
  • Scholarship to attend a BJU summer camp

2nd Place

  • Plaque
  • Scholarship to attend a BJU summer camp

3rd Place

  • Plaque
  • One-half scholarship to attend a BJU summer camp