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Women's Soccer Camp

July 7-10

Grades 9-12* Women

Cost: $135 ($155 after April 15)

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

We invite you to our BJU Bruin’s Women’s Soccer Camp and look forward to working with you to greatly challenge and improve your technical skills as you prepare for your club, high school or college teams. We will work hard to build each players’ skills to the maximum level.

This is a camp for soccer girls aspiring to become the best they can be and searching for an opportunity to improve their skill set in a friendly but competitive environment. We start out with basic foundational moves and skills and then through a series of progressions rapidly move the players to advanced footskills, ball control and many ways to pass and receive in different situations. This camp is about building technical superiority!

Our staff of nationally recognized college coaches and college players will work hard to make this a great experience for all participants. Our activities will incorporate game related environments that are fun, challenging, and in the end will make you a much better player ready for the demands of the contemporary game.

We will encourage, edify, instruct and teach you how to be a holistic player that can adapt to any situation and field position. Our goal with this entire camp is to train and produce “brave” players, players that want the ball at their feet, that are comfortable with the ball at their feet, and willing to take on any situation with masterful skills.

*Grade as of September 2014 and 2014 high school graduates