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Real Stories

BJU Scholarship Fund

“In my four years of school I watched the Lord use His people to help provide for ‘all my needs’ through personal gifts and scholarships such as the BJU Scholarship Fund.”
— Ashley Cure

“Last year the Lord directed me to go to school at Bob Jones University. I thought attending a Christian university would be almost impossible because of my finances, but God has shown me otherwise. Where He guides, He does provide. God has been so faithful to me and has used DNSF to show me His goodness. I am so thankful.”
— Andrea Sarracino

“I praise the Lord for the BJUSF. God has worked in my life through the various contributors and shown me his word is true. God’s words says, except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. God has greatly used all of the BJUSF contributors in my life to allow me to prepare for the vocation God has called me to.”
— Ralph Raymond

“I believe it is God’s will for me to attend [Bob Jones University]. I would not have been possible were it not for your generosity through the BJU Scholarship Fund.”
— Deleah Foster