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Focus on Christ

In the beginning, God created man and woman in His own image. He intended us to reflect His being, to have unhindered fellowship with Him, to spread His glory. Yet our ability to fulfill His purpose for us was marred by sin—until He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Savior. Through Christ’s redeeming work on the cross and His sanctifying grace in our daily lives, we are given new life, a new ability to reflect and fellowship with God, a new ability to spread His glory.

That’s what Bob Jones University is all about—remembering what Christ has done for us and living out that miracle on campus, in our churches and around Greenville.

Campus community of believers

Students praying

BJU is first and foremost a community of believers, growing in Christ together. From classroom to residence hall to chapel, every aspect of our community is affected by the new life Christ has given us.

Focus on God’s Word

In chapel you’ll notice that yearly themes such as “Walking in Love,” “Living in Light of the Gospel,” and “Reflect God”—and the challenging, relevant messages that result—help administrators, faculty/staff and students alike to keep their focus on what’s most important.

And in your classes, whether it’s anthropology, business ethics or special education, your professors will teach from a worldview that’s grounded in the absolute truth of Scripture.

Focus on Prayer

Each class period is begun with prayer. Every night in your residence hall, you’ll spend time praying with your roommates and other students from rooms near you.

Focus on Relationships

You’ll find that your professors and work supervisors care about you as a person, taking time to mentor you outside the classroom or the workplace. And in the residence hall, whether you become best friends with your roommates or not, you’ll learn about Christ-like love for those in closest proximity to you.

The society you join will be yet another avenue for developing Christ-centered relationships and leadership skills. Through society meetings almost every Friday, fun outings and community service projects, you’ll have chances to both fellowship and serve.

Commitment to a local church

Another essential aspect of living out our new life in Christ is becoming a part of a local church. The Greenville area is blessed with numerous Bible-believing churches, both large and small.

Administrators, faculty/staff and students are all encouraged to commit to a church family and become involved—whether it’s cleaning the auditorium or bathrooms, ministering through music or teaching Sunday school. And becoming involved in a local church isn’t just about serving—it’s about worshiping God with His people, experiencing how the body of Christ functions together, learning from His Word and letting others keep you accountable, and using your spiritual gifts to encourage others. Find tips for finding a place to serve.

Involvement in our city…

A student teaches a Bible verse

A student ministers in a nursing home

Greenville is a wonderful place to live. We enjoy eating in many unique cafes and restaurants, relaxing in beautiful Falls Park, biking or running on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and much more. We also believe in giving back.

One way we give back is through our student-run Community Service Council. Through the CSC you can volunteer for a variety of Greenville-area events such as Enchanted Tracks, which is a fairytale village for children, the Reedy River Run, the Generous Garden Project, which provides food for needy families and food banks, and the Special Olympics.

The CSC also organizes events such as the annual on-campus blood drive for The Blood Connection and local park clean-ups. These community service projects and events are wonderful opportunities to reflect the love of Christ—both through what we do and how we do it, and through what we say as we serve.

Another important way we give back is through outreach ministries. Every week numerous student groups—whether it’s in nursing homes or prisons, through children’s clubs, sports or door-to-door evangelism—give of their time to build relationships and share the gospel in the Greenville area. Which avenue will you choose to spread God’s glory?

A mission team member shares the Gospel

…And around the world

We’re also committed to sharing the gospel globally. Every summer, we send out mission teams—made up of students like you and led by faculty/staff members—to places like Europe, Africa, Mexico and the Western USA. These teams help missionaries and churches with building projects, vacation Bible schools, tract distribution, musical programs and more.

Often individual students go on missions trips or complete internships overseas as well. From the apparel, textiles & design student interning in Bangladesh to the cross-cultural service student serving in Scotland, every BJU student can play a vital part in spreading the life-changing work of Christ across the world!


We draw our emphases for developing Christlikeness from 2 Peter 1:5-11, where Peter gives an inspired list of virtues that represent mature Christlikeness—the character which God honors with an abundant entrance into the everlasting kingdom and which provides fruitfulness and stability for you as a believer.


Love for and faithfulness to God and His Word

  • Resolve to pursue Christlikeness
  • Knowledge


Unashamed testimony for Jesus Christ, the only Savior

  • Self-control
  • Endurance
  • Godliness


Edifying love for God’s people

  • Brotherly kindness
  • Love

Joni Allen