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Involvement in our city…

A student teaches a Bible verse

A student ministers in a nursing home

Greenville is a wonderful place to live. We enjoy eating in many unique cafes and restaurants, relaxing in beautiful Falls Park, biking or running on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and much more. We also believe in giving back.

One way we give back is through our student-run Community Service Council. Through the CSC you can volunteer for a variety of Greenville-area events such as Enchanted Tracks, which is a fairytale village for children, the Reedy River Run, the Generous Garden Project, which provides food for needy families and food banks, and the Special Olympics.

The CSC also organizes events such as the annual on-campus blood drive for The Blood Connection and local park clean-ups. These community service projects and events are wonderful opportunities to reflect the love of Christ—both through what we do and how we do it, and through what we say as we serve.

Another important way we give back is through outreach ministries. Every week numerous student groups—whether it’s in nursing homes or prisons, through children’s clubs, sports or door-to-door evangelism—give of their time to build relationships and share the gospel in the Greenville area. Which avenue will you choose to spread God’s glory?

A mission team member shares the Gospel

…And around the world

We’re also committed to sharing the gospel globally. Every summer, we send out mission teams—made up of students like you and led by faculty/staff members—to places like Australia, Africa, Mexico and the Western USA. These teams help missionaries and churches with building projects, vacation Bible schools, tract distribution, musical programs and more.

Often individual students go on missions trips or complete internships overseas as well. From the apparel, textiles & design student interning in Bangladesh to the cross-cultural service student serving in Scotland, every BJU student can play a vital part in spreading the life-changing work of Christ across the world!

Mission Teams

Student mission teams led by faculty/staff members travel around the globe each summer. In the fall, students form the various teams and raise financial support. The teams prepare throughout the school year and then embark on their outreach missions using trade skills, music and preaching/teaching to spread the Word.

Mission teams are not exclusive to students studying missions or Bible. All students are encouraged to consider the opportunities to apply the practical Christian training received from the classroom, societies, discipleship group and outreach ministries.