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Love for One Another

Students praying

A critical part of our commitment to developing the whole person is providing a safe and compassionate environment where every student will be cared for and loved. This includes a caring discipleship model, Scripturally based mentoring, and peer-to-peer encouragement and support. Many students arrive at BJU needing substantial love, understanding and care, and we strive to help students meet these needs in a variety of ways.

Loving one another

Faculty member talks with a student

Faculty member talks with a student

Mentoring and counseling believers

At BJU you’ll be surrounded by people who care for your long-term success. Faculty and staff will meet you where you are academically and spiritually and will seek to mentor you and inspire you to pursue Jesus Christ with your life. You’ll also find many godly mentors and counselors among your peers, whether student body leaders, society leaders, classmates or roommates. It is our desire that during your time at BJU you will grow in your understanding of God’s love, your joy in the Gospel and your hope for the future.

Caring for the hurting and abused

Many lives and families have been affected—and in many cases, destroyed—by abuse. But the Gospel has answers, and at BJU you will continually be supported, loved and pointed to Christ—the only Source of lasting hope and freedom from the scars of all types of abuse.

Challenging believers captive to destructive habits

Even those who profess the name of Christ can often be held captive in life-dominating struggles—such as pornography, substance abuse and other destructive habits. But by God’s grace, BJU is committed to providing an understanding and supportive environment where you can grow to find lasting change.

Safe and inviting Christian campus

Our love for one another motivates us to take practical steps to ensure that everyone feels welcome, safe and comfortable. That’s why we keep our campus clean, ensure that our campus security is well-trained, and—most importantly—why we always look for ways to care for and serve those around us. At BJU, you will feel welcome and safe, and you’ll be challenged by others to grow in your faith, skill and love—all for the glory of God. Read more about safety at BJU.

Reaching out to the local community

Greenville is a wonderful place to live, and one way we love our community is by giving back. Every week, hundreds of students go out into the community to serve in their churches, nursing home ministries and other a variety of other outreach and community groups. We also reach out to our community through our fine arts programs, training for local churches, networking opportunities for local businesspeople and individual relationships with our neighbors. It is our desire that, in all of our interactions in the community, people know that we are disciples of Christ by our love for one another.