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Student Organizations


Ministry Teams

A music, drama and science ministry team tour throughout the United States for several months each year representing BJU through unique sacred presentations.

Missions Advance

Missions Advance is a student-led group whose purpose is to stimulate missionary zeal and vision on campus. Missions Advance’s student leaders host collective prayer meetings twice a week to pray for specific needs of missionaries. They also provide each residence hall group information about a missionary family’s specific praises and needs.

Mission Teams

BJU’s mission teams provide opportunities for many students to minister in other regions of the world. Teams go to various countries spanning the globe using trade skills, aviation ministry, music and preaching/teaching to reach the lost with the Gospel and to challenge the team members to consider their lifelong level of involvement of ministry.


University Educators Association

The University Educators Association provides programs and activities that complement BJU’s teacher preparation program. It also provides opportunities for all education students to secure leadership training and professional contacts. Student representatives are selected from each education department.

Modern Language Club

The Modern Language Club provides an informal atmosphere of entertainment, discussion, games and reports for student to further their French, German or Spanish skills.


Criminal Justice Association

The Criminal Justice Association exposes interested students of all majors to the American criminal justice system. Active career professionals present their perspectives and discuss items of current interest, emerging trends and other topics. Contact with the forum speakers also provides greater insight into the possibilities for ministry offered by the various jobs in law enforcement, the courts and corrections.

University Business Association

The University Business Association provides a forum for business students’ exposure to successful Christian business professionals who have used their business opportunities to have a ministry and a testimony for Jesus Christ. An Executive Council led by business students organizes various UBA events and directs a fundraiser each year specifically targeted for the Bible Conference offering.


Student Leadership Council

One men’s and one women’s president lead 8 other directors and representatives: the Inter-Society Council men’s and women’s directors, a community service director, a council treasurer, the men's and women’s senior class representatives and the men’s and women’s chaplains.

Community Service Council

The Community Service Council organizes service projects in the community such as cleaning up area parks and the Greenville Zoo, collecting funds for the Heart Fund and other charitable organizations, as well as sponsoring an on-campus blood drive. The CSC has received local, state and national recognition for its volunteer efforts in the City of Greenville.


Every incoming student will join a society, a student group designed to encourage productive, cooperative and godly relationships through activities such as weekly meetings, sports, outings, prayer meetings and extensions. Societies are student-run, and officers are elected each semester within each society.


Pre-Med Forum

The Pre-Med Forum benefits students who plan to attend medical school after completing their undergraduate education. At the semimonthly meetings, current medical students, admission officials, practicing physicians and administrators present valuable information and advice about the medical profession and preparation for it.

University Nursing Association

The University Nursing Association provides camaraderie among nursing students of various academic classifications. The UNA organizes activities and provides both academic and spiritual encouragement for nursing students.



The Collegian

Bob Jones University’s student newspaper, The Collegian, was founded in 1987 as a journalism lab, offering students hands-on experience in producing a weekly publication. Newspaper staff write and edit articles, design the layout and take photographs for the paper. Stories in The Collegian focus on campus personalities and student life, helping to unify the large and diverse student body. The paper is distributed free on campus and is also available online.

The Vintage

The Vintage, “a season’s produce” by definition, is BJU’s yearbook. The staff, whose responsibility it is to produce this annual publication, is composed of students from varied academic divisions and classifications within the University. Uniquely photographed and beautifully bound, the annual mirrors not only classes and activities but also the mission of BJU.


WBJU-FM is BJU’s student-staffed radio station that broadcasts seven days a week to provide the student body with a variety of sacred, classical and easy-listening music, as well as informative news and sports talk programming. The staff is also responsible for producing, scheduling, announcing and marketing the station’s content.

WBJU-TV is the student-staffed television station that provides national, local and campus news plus sports highlights, weather and campus announcements throughout the day. RTV and broadcast journalism students can be anchors, reporters, producers and technical crew members on a variety of television programming. Students can watch WBJU-TV at various locations around campus.


Art Forum

In Art Forum students can gain a broader understanding of the art industry. Professional artists, gallery curators, retail art dealers and graphic designers present practical information about their work experiences. The format includes panel discussions, question and answer sessions, video or slide presentations and lectures. Subjects vary and may include art philosophies, artwork pricing, art techniques, minority artists, job opportunities, artist demonstrations and critiques.



Concert Band

The Concert Band has approximately 45 players that perform literature from the standard concert band repertoire and present at least two major concerts each year.

Symphonic Wind Band

The Symphonic Wind Band has approximately 50 players who are devoted to performance of the finest concert literature, both secular and sacred, for winds and percussion. The band performs at least four concerts each year, in addition to recording and touring regularly.

Membership in both bands is open through audition to all students.


BJU’s orchestral program is a developmental program comprising three orchestras. Auditions are open to all students in the University regardless of program of study. Each member has the opportunity to use music for the service of God and to reach individual technical and artistic potential within a program that pursues the highest level of musical excellence.

String Orchestra

The String Orchestra is an entry-level ensemble focused on developing musicianship, performance technique/etiquette of the members through performance of standard string orchestra repertoire. The group performs at least four times each year.

Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra is the core orchestral ensemble focused on preparing students to achieve the highest level of performance of the standard orchestral repertoire and in a variety of orchestral genres. This ensemble performs three to four concerts each year.

Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra is a specialized ensemble with flexible instrumentation for advanced chamber works, opera, oratorio, and occasional music. Members are drawn from the advanced students in the Symphony Orchestra as well as members of the university faculty.

Instrumental Ensembles

Several permanent chamber ensembles provide performance opportunities for qualified instrumental students. These include a cello choir, chamber harp ensemble, woodwind choir, flute choir, trombone choir, horn choir, tuba-euphonium choir, trumpet choir, handbell choir, percussion ensemble and several smaller chamber groups.


The choral program is composed of seven choirs: University Singers, Collegiate Choir, Concert Choir, Lyric Choir, Chorale and Chamber Singers.

All students are welcome to audition and are placed according to their classification and abilities. Singers are re-auditioned periodically to determine proper placement. Performance venues include concerts of standard choral literature and church music and the annual opera and oratorio performances.

Opera Association

An opera is typically presented each spring semester. The University hosts guest artists to sing the principal roles. Supporting roles and chorus parts are taken by students who show requisite ability. Past performances include world-famous works such as:

  • Aida
  • Tosca
  • The Barber of Seville
  • Rigoletto


Every semester, BJU students take their communication skills beyond the classroom and challenge students from other schools in student legislature, intercollegiate debate and mock trial. In addition, students have an opportunity to participate in a Shakespearean repertoire group on campus.

Good communication skills—whether in making an airtight case or speaking to someone about the Lord—are essential in upholding BJU’s testimony and making an impact for Christ.

Student Legislature

Each fall, BJU’s Student Legislature team travels to South Carolina’s state capital, Columbia, to join with students from 10 to 15 other major colleges and universities in the state. Together they form a house and senate, presided over by officers elected from among their members. Students use their extemporaneous speaking abilities, persuasive powers and knowledge of current events to pass legislation they themselves have written.

“We use the actual South Carolina Chambers, which gives it a real air of authenticity,” says Mrs. Linda Abrams, the team’s faculty advisor. “It really mirrors as close to anything I’ve seen the true legislature experience.”

The process is so authentic that at times the real S.C. Legislature adopts student-proposed laws. South Carolinians can thank a BJU team for August’s tax-free shopping weekend!

Although winning is not as important to them as maintaining a good testimony, the BJU team has been named “Best Mid-sized Delegation”—the highest award in its category—about 7 of the 16 years it’s competed. Many team members have also received individual awards over the years, including the Carlisle Award, given to the student who best represents student legislature ideals.

Classic Players

The Classic Players, an outstanding college Shakespearean repertoire group, is open to students who show the requisite ability in public tryouts.

Two major productions are typically presented each year, including Shakespearean plays such as:

  • Hamlet
  • Henry V
  • Macbeth
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Othello