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101 Ways to Enrich Your Teachign with the Arts New
Achieving a Better Choral Sound New
Administration and Curriculum for the Developing Band Program
A Guide to Good Literature for the Concert Band
A Healthy High School Choir
American Music: Can Music and History Be Related?
Assessment in the Choral Classroom: A's for Effort? New
A Treasure Chest of Chime Ideas
Bells in Schools
Boomwhackers: For the Music Classroom on a Budget!
Building High School Choral Leaders New
Developing a Children's Choir Program
Early American Folk Song and Movement New
Enriching the Elementary Classroom with Music and Movement New
Every Child Can Sing
Exploring Kodaly: Philosophies, Pedagogy, and Materials I New
Exploring Kodaly: Philosophies, Pedagogy, and Materials II New
From Psalm Writers to Song Writers: A Simplified Study of Hymnology
Games and Activities for General Music Classes
Handbell Ringing: the Alternate Instrumental Program
Handbells for Every School! Handbells Open Unique Doors! New
Improvisation in the Music Classroom
Instrumental Conducting: "Fix It vs. Feel It"
Integrating Music and Movement into Children's Literature New
Listen and Move with Manipulatives New
Listening in Music Class Should Not Be Passive
Making Music with Recorders
Music and Movement: Enhancing Learning across the Curriculum New
Music Competition--Should I or Shouldn't I?
Music Technology in the Classroom
Orff Methoda for the Music Classroom I New
Orff Methods for the Music Classroom II New
Part 1: Music History Simplified - Bach to Beethoven
Part 1: Rehearsal Techniques for Bands
Part 2: Music History Simplified - Beethoven to Copland
Part 2: Rehearsal Techniques for Bands
Selecting Quality Children's Choir Literature
Sprucing Up Your Elementary Music Classroom
Steps to Successful Part-Singing New
Survival Guide for Middle School Choir Teachers
Teaching Sight-Singing in the Choral Rehearsal New
The Cat in the Hat and Other Musical Ideas for the Elementary Classroom
The Effective Choral Program
The Kodaly Approach to Music Education: An Overview New
The Piano Teacher: The Golden Thread
The Pre-College Piano Program: Dollars and Sense
The Singer's Special Gift: Text New
The Young Pianist: An Artist in Miniature
Uniting Kodaly and Orff: The Best of Both Worlds New
Where's the Beat?
Working with Finale: An Introduction to the Leading Music Software Program
Working with the Male and Female Changing Voice New
World Music...Multicultural Music...Opportunities for Missionary Ethnomusicology New