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Speaker’s Bureau


A Biblical Approach to Climate Change
A Christian Philosophy of Science
A Christian View of Ecology
Add Spark to Your Science Class Without Blowing Up the Lab!
Alternative Medicine
A Redemptive Approach to Teaching Science
Beauty in the Bible and Science New
Biblical Biological Illustrations: Animal
Biblical Biological Illustrations: Human
Biblical Biological Illustrations: Plant
Biblical Integration in the Science Classroom
Bioethics in the Christian School
Building a High School Science Laboratory for Beginners
Cloning and Clones: Photocopies of Life?
Concept-Based Learning in Biology (Part 1: The Teacher)
Concept-Based Learning in Biology (Part 2: The Concept)
Creating a Successful Science Fair
Creating Student Scientists Through Dominion Science
Demonstration Tips for Secondary Teachers
Demos for Dummies: Tips for Better Science Demonstrations
Develop Young Scientists by Sciencing
Ethical Dimensions of the Human Genome Project
Every Creeping Thing: The Bugs of the Bible
Genetic Engineering and Christianity
Getting Students Excited About Science
Getting Students to Think in Science Class
Global Warming - Bible Warning
Global Warming‚ÄďMore Than Hot Air?
Grasping at Stars: Astrobiology and Evolution
High School Science Labs on a Budget
How Smart is Intelligent Design?
I’m Teaching What?!
Inquiry-Based Learning: Chaotic or Controlled?
In Search of Christian Excellence in the Sciences
Intelligent Design
It's a Young Earth After All
Just Take a Hike
Kaboom! Running a Science Lab
Low-Budget and No-Budget Physics
Making it Real: Tips for Bringing Science to Life
Man vs. Nature: A Biblical View of Endangered Species
Next Generation Science Standards: A Reasonable Response New
Putting Science Into the Hands of Your Students!
Science Fairs: Trial or Triumph?
Science: It Has Its Limits
Secondary Science Survival Strategies
‚ÄúSense‚ÄĚational Science and Scripture
Starting a Science Fair
Staying Safe in the Science Lab
Take it Outside: Using Outdoor Experiences to Enhance Learning
Teaching Astronomy
Teaching Elementary Science using Inquiry
Teaching Physics
Teaching Scientific Vocabulary
Technology and the Christian
The Christian and the Environment
The Classroom Zoo: Tips for Keeping Classroom Pets
The Doctrine of Creation New
The Evolution of Evolutionary Theory
The ID Movement
The Origin and Purpose of the Moon New
Thermodynamics and Creation
The Sun from the Bible and Science New
Time and Light
Tips for Effective Demonstrations in the Elementary School
Twelve Common Science Misconceptions--and How to Prevent Them
Using Microbiology in High School Biology
Using PowerPoint in the Science Classroom
Were Adam and Eve Real People? New