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Board Charge by Dr. Bob Jones III

To the board I love and have been privileged to serve as chair, and my burden for the new chair — Bob Jones III


  • Walk humbly and carefully before God.
  • Walk appreciatively with your fellow board members; consider them your best friends.
  • Walk watchfully as guardian of the Bob Jones University campus.
  • Walk supportively of the administration as long as they uphold the commitment to the policies you assign them—and walk courageously and intolerantly should they not do so.


  • Know there is an enemy who walks about as a “roaring lion”—and an ever-present potential in an educational environment to worship the intellect and to push God to the periphery out of fear of rejection/ridicule by the secular academic establishment. An institution’s journey toward this is signaled by:
    1. Diminishing the purpose, frequency and requirement of chapel.
    2. Removing prayer before all occasions.
    3. Removing the Bible requirement from the curriculum.
    4. Ceasing to be evangelistic in emphasis.
  • Don’t allow board members to remain who develop agendas—whether those of personal ambitions, the promotion of doctrinal/hermeneutical idiosyncrasies which will divide the unity of the board and grieve the Holy Spirit, or the insertion into the board’s thinking of a culturally shaped distortion of New Testament Christianity.
  • Keep BJU from being a secular model of higher education while maintaining a Christian veneer. The founder said, “A school with no individuality has no right to exist.”
  • Remain mindful that imbalance in any aspect of the University’s mission is the deadliest foe—guard against it like the plague.
  • Keep your hands off what belongs to the administration you elect, but keep your eyes on them.
  • Maintain fervently your role as prayer warriors and encouragers to the administration in the doing of right.
  • Remain principled and courageous, hating and fearing pragmatism.
  • Remain unashamed of and unapologetic for BJU’s uniqueness as an institution that is countercultural to a world whose God is Satan; and continue out of step with an age that is out of joint religiously, politically and educationally.
  • Value and fulfill your role as maintainers of the University’s mission. Know the institution’s history and mission and your individual and collective commitment to it, and be willing to act decisively when necessary to ensure the continuance of it. The Board’s role does not consist of innovation, reengineering or redesigning. Functional and academic changes have been part of the University’s history and are necessary handmaidens to fulfilling and enhancing its mission. Seeking change carries with it potential perils to the mission. The dominating mindset for the Board must remain one of watchfulness and guardianship of what the University is at its essence. As a Board, be established, be settled, be predictable. Seek stability.