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BJU offers interaction during creation debate webcast

On February 4, BJU is offering students an interactive viewing of the creation debate. The debate will be webcast live from the Creation Museum.

The debate between Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis CEO, and Bill Nye “The Science Guy” will address the topic of creation as a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era. The webcast will be shown in Stratton Hall.

The webcast will be available online at

Participate Online — #BJUCreation

During the webcast, members of the Bible and Science faculty will be on Twitter answering questions and offering additional insight and information. Students are encouraged to participate in the conversation to grow in their understanding of the origins of the universe.

The doctrine of creation is critically important to the believer, especially today. This debate’s exposure to both sides of the topic will equip our students to better defend their beliefs.

photo of Dan Olinger
Dan Olinger

PhD, Theology

photo of Ted Miller
Ted Miller

PhD, Theology

photo of David Boyd
David Boyd

PhD, Entomology

photo of Bill Lovegrove
Bill Lovegrove

PhD, Engineering

Published February 3, 2014