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Students embrace interactive creation debate webcast

On Feb. 4, more than 600 members of the BJU community packed into Stratton Hall to watch the live webcast of the Creation Debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. Throughout the course of the evening, students and a faculty panel (Dan Olinger, Ted Miller, David Boyd, Bill Lovegrove) exchanged questions and answers and critiqued both sides of the debate via Twitter. This discussion was projected live on a second screen throughout the debate.

The discussion took off with BJU’s hashtag (#BJUCreation) receiving more than 2,000 tweets and even trending at the U.S. level. Throughout the discussion, a recurring theme among students was how BJU’s education had equipped them to understand the creation vs. evolution debate and effectively defend their faith.

The debate was a unique time for students, faculty, staff and alumni to come together and engage in the larger discussion of Creation vs. Evolution that is raging in society today. Overall, the BJU community came away from the debate with faith strengthened, hearts full of praise and compassion for the lost.

One tweet in particular captured the sentiment: “There may be more people hearing the gospel right now than at any other moment in history. #BJUCreation”

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Science Faculty on Creation

Published February 6, 2014