Sexual Abuse and the Church


About the Conference

The apostles called believers to a mindset and lifestyle distinctively set apart from the world. Today’s church by contrast increasingly reflects the entertainment-saturated, consumer-driven values of the godless world system around it. The “salt” is in danger of losing its “saltiness.”

Through nine sessions of lecture and panel discussion guest speaker, Pastor Tim Lovegrove (Menifee, CA), and various BJU Seminary professors will seek to answer questions such as the following:

  • What is worldliness, and how does it diminish the believer’s love for God and his neighbor?
  • How do believers biblically discern what parts of human culture are corruptive to personal holiness and to relationship with God?
  • What is the nature of indwelling sin (the flesh) within the believer, and how does Satan appeal to the flesh through the messages of the world?
  • What are the major themes of the world’s mindset that are influencing the church today?
  • What role does a Christian’s beliefs regarding legalism, Christian liberty, grace, and Christian conscience play in how he views the world?
  • How does a believer form a biblical grid for determining personal standards for himself, his family, or the group he leads since all of life must be brought under the lordship of Christ?
  • How is a believer to respond to other believers who do not share his personal convictions?
  • How does a believer’s understanding of the gospel shape his view of the world, and conversely, how does a believer’s understanding of the world shape his view of the gospel?
  • What role does a believer’s relationship with God have in shaping how he interprets and applies the Bible’s teaching on worldliness?
  • How do believers in Christ overcome the world?

Pastors and lay men and women alike are encouraged to attend. This conference is designed to help any believer learn how to make choices that honor Christ—the one “who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father.” (Galatians 1:4).

Join the seminary faculty of BJU for this crucial conference as it presents how believers, by rightly interpreting and applying the scriptures, can reject the appeals and ideals of the world and embrace the appeals and ideals of Christ.