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Museum & Gallery

The Musuem & Gallery is currently closed for renovations.

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About the Museum & Gallery

  • Currently houses over 400 religious, original paintings by artists such as Rubens, Botticelli, Tintoretto and van Dyck
  • Recognized as one of the finest collections of European Old Masters paintings in America
  • Includes the Bowen Collection of Antiquities featuring Hebrew, Egyptian and Roman artifacts
  • Provides a visual library for students majoring in art, history and humanities
  • Shares the collection with the community through monthly events
  • Founded by Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. to enhance the schools of Fine Arts and Religion
  • Opened in 1951 with approximately 30 paintings
  • By 1962, the Gallery had 211 paintings, and by 1991, over 400 works were on display
  • Went through several expansions to effectively display the growing art collection