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$425/credit hour

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ME 613: Foundational Approaches in Music Education 2 credits

Content and application of Gordon's Music Learning Theory, and the approaches of Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze. Emphasizes skill development as advocated by each: audiation, movement, improvisation, solfege, systems of rhythm reading, etc. The student will apply these to the teaching of music within his area of specialization.

  • Dates: August 27 – October 13
  • Register by: August 13

ME 511: World Music 3 credits

Designed specifically for the practicing music educator, the course will provide a broad overview of musical traditions, styles, instruments and cultures from people around the world with the goal of informing curriculum design.

  • Dates: October 15 – December 8
  • Register by: October 1
  • Next offered: May 6, 2019 – June 22, 2019

ME 614: Psychology of Music 3 credits

A comprehensive overview of human music behaviors from a psychological perspective. Psychoacoustics, music perception, affective and aesthetic responses to music, and the function of music in society are systematically investigated through research methodologies and literature.

  • Dates: January 7 – February 23
  • Register by: December 24

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