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Graduate — Old Testament Interpretation — BJUOnline

$425/credit hour

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SOT 635: Biblical Hermeneutics 3 credits

A study of the principles and practices essential to biblical interpretation with an emphasis on the conservative, grammatical-historical-contextual method, presupposing the inerrancy of Scripture. Special attention will also be given to the interpretation of the various genres of Scripture, including poetry, narrative, epistolary and apocalyptic literature.

  • Dates: August 27 – October 13
  • Register by: August 13

SOT 776: Theology & Practice of Prayer 3 credits

Investigation and systematization of the teaching of Scripture from biblical models, commands, and instructions concerning prayer. Readings from the major devotional and expositional classics on the subject.

  • Dates: August 27 – October 13
  • Register by: August 13

SOT 681: Old Testament Introduction 3 credits

Canon and text of the Old Testament; composition, authorship, date and content of each book. Emphasis on refutation of critical views.

  • Dates: October 15 – December 8
  • Register by: October 1

SOT 601: Elementary Hebrew I 3 credits

Introduction to the phonology, vocabulary, grammar and syntax of biblical Hebrew. Includes translation and analysis of selected passages in the Hebrew Bible.

  • Dates: January 7 – April 20
  • Register by: December 24

SOT 620: Survey of the Old Testament 2 credits

Orientation of the student to the content and theological message of each book of the Old Testament. The focus is on the macroscopic perspective and the relevance of the Old Testament to the present. Includes discussion of key issues in scholarly debate and liberal-critical attacks. Emphasizes personal Bible study methods. For students with little or no undergraduate background in Bible.

  • Dates: January 7 – February 23
  • Register by: December 24

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