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High School Students — BJU Online

Earn college credit while in high school

If you’ve completed your sophomore year of high school, you’re ready to jumpstart your college education while you’re still in high school. We invite you to choose from more than 30 credit hours in online courses available to high school students. Each course has BJU’s tough academics and biblically faithful perspective.

You can be earning college credit right now while you finish high school. And if your high school administration approves, you can earn dual credit with these courses.

50% Off for High School Juniors/Seniors

High school juniors and seniors qualify for a 50% discount on all undergraduate courses taken during their high school junior and senior years.

Courses for High School Students

Dual Credit

Dual credit means a course provides both high school and college credit. This enables you to complete your high school education with a headstart on college. Not only are you better prepared for college having earned college credit, you also have the potential to save thousands of dollars off of your total college costs.

Potential Savings from Dual Credit

15 Credits 30 Credits
Tuition $3,935 $7,870
Room & Board $2,895 $5,790
Travel $500 $1,000

Total Savings



Note: The decision of whether to count a college course for high school credit is the choice of the high school administration. Therefore, we recommend you check with your high school administration before beginning a college course for dual credit.

Why should you consider BJUOnline during high school?

  • We have more than 30 credit hours available in regards to online courses for high school students
  • Reduce the cost of your college education by taking discounted courses now
  • Use the flexibility of online courses to fit them into your busy schedule
  • Make wise use of your summer vacation
  • Graduate from college early


  • Must have completed sophomore year of high school
  • Earn A- or B-level grades in high school coursework
  • Provide a school official’s name for your reference

Want to know if participating in a high school equivalency program can qualify you for these dual credit courses? Contact us to find out.

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50% off for high school juniors and seniors!

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*High school credit is the choice of the high school administration. Please consult with your high school administration before pursuing dual credit.

Courses for high school juniors and seniors

Are you interested in taking online classes for college credit? View our list of college courses for high school students. If you would like to take courses in residence, we offer a number of courses on our campus in Greenville, S.C. Contact our Admission office to learn more.

Taking English 100-level courses?

High school students interested in taking a 100-level English class (for example, En 102) should send their ACT scores to Admission prior to registering. BJU requires these scores to ensure that each of our students is placed into the appropriate class and given the best opportunity to succeed. If an ACT score is not available, a placement test should be completed. Please contact Distance Learning to schedule a placement test.