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We help schools recruit, retain, and develop the most effective Christian educators to advance the cause of Christian education. 

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We’re about the Teacher

In every subject of life, a teacher is the essential catalyst for learning. They impact, instruct, and inform. At Instructus and Bob Jones University, we believe that by focusing on the educator and equipping and developing them for maximum impact for Christ, we transform the landscape of Christian education one teacher at a time.

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Airic Briggs
Administrator - Valley Forge Baptist Academy

I felt that it was important for our teachers to experience a designated time of development surrounded by professional and personal growth. I knew that BJU and their commitment to excellence could provide the tools necessary to enhance the classroom experience for our students while encouraging our staff to be masters of their craft. Since our professional development days, our teachers have more confidence in their teaching ability and more camaraderie together.

Teacher SuccessStudent Success

While teachers relay information and provide instruction, students often credit a particular teacher for impacting their life's direction. Research affirms that the success of a student is linked to the effectiveness of the teacher. Recruiting professionally trained teachers is only part of the equation.

Educators need ongoing development, facilitated by their schools, to continue to hone and grow their skills. These teacher development programs are often credited with retaining good teachers and elevate the quality of teaching the students receive. By coming alongside schools to help them recruit, develop, and retain good teachers, we believe that together, we can enhance the quality of every student's education.

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Our Vision

We aim to lead a resurgence in Christian education by becoming the most trusted source for high-caliber, biblically-grounded educators, tools, and practices to influence the next generation for Christ.

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A bigger mission
Advancing the Cause of Christian Education

We seek to impact every student for Christ through the establishment and advancement of Bible-based Christian schools.

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Centered Around What Schools Need Most

Our solutions are anchored in solving the needs of recruitment, retention, and development of proficient, Christian educators.

A Central Focus
Intentionally Focused on the Teacher

We believe that a qualified, effective, Christian educator is the key to every student’s learning and achievement and continued growth in Christlikeness.

Trusted with a wealth of experience
Directly Connected to an Accredited Training Institution

BJU has a longstanding reputation, trusted in preparing qualified, effective Christian educators who stand out as leaders in their fields/schools.

Our Goals

We train next-generation educators while also sharing effective approaches for Christian school teacher recruitment.

  • Begin a conversation with Christian School leaders on how to Elevate the Teaching Profession with high school students.
  • Develop a recruitment strategy that can be employed by Christian schools and the School of Education and Human Services to recruit and train future teachers.
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy for the Teachers for Tomorrow program.

We conduct and disseminate research while offering best practices for teacher retention.

  • Conduct research with stakeholders to identify retention issues in Christian Schools.
  • Develop and implement strategies for teacher retention in Christian Schools.
  • Develop the framework for a Novice Teacher Program to support new teachers in Christian Schools.

We assist schools in creating effective development programs and provide affordable online programs for teachers to pursue advanced degrees.

  • Create and implement a research-based Teacher Development Program for Christian Schools.
  • Develop summer institutes to provide targeted professional development for Christian School teachers.
  • Provide in-person or virtual professional development resources for Christian School teachers.
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Instructus is a part of:

Instructus was founded in 2022 out of Bob Jones University's School of Education & Human Services. While BJU has a longstanding reputation for training successful Christian educators, this new center for Teaching, Learning, and Leading aims to come alongside Christian schools and its teachers in recruitment, retention, and development so that together, we can influence the next generation of students for Christ.

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