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Degrees & Programs

Our course curriculum saturates our students with the knowledge and skills essential for serving as full-time vocational servants of Christ who minister the Word of God to others. We believe that it is knowledge of the contents and meaning of the Bible that equips a Christian for effective service for Christ.

Philosophically we are committed to the idea that a Christian’s effectiveness in ministry will be directly in proportion to the extent of his knowledge of the Scriptures and his ability to apply them to the lives of those he serves.

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What does a student receive?

When a student graduates from the Seminary they will leave with a degree, but more important, they will leave with the knowledge and the zeal necessary to fulfill the 2 greatest commandments of all—to love God and love your neighbor through the proclamation of the good news about Christ.

Armed with thorough knowledge of the Biblical languages, comprehensive theological knowledge, complete familiarity with the sixty-six books of the Bible, an understanding of the needs of people, and the leadership and interpersonal skills to serve, our Seminary graduates are ready to take up their cross and follow their master into the harvest fields of service until Christ comes again.