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Professional Ministry Program

It’s never too late to earn a seminary degree

For nearly 25 years, Bob Jones University Seminary has offered men in active ministry the opportunity to benefit from additional practical ministry education. One-week professional ministry courses fit easily into your busy schedule and cover a wide variety of ministry-related topics.

Whether you’re a pastor, evangelist or missionary, our courses provide the tools you need to lead your church more effectively and to influence greater change in today’s world through the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sharpen your ministry skills

Pastors, missionaries and evangelists are constantly inquiring into spiritual and vocational growth opportunities. As you look at the course offerings, envision how these courses can translate into greater passion and competence.


Our graduate student admission counselor can answer your questions.

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Pastors speak

What do pastors say about the value of these classes? Find out

Benefits include:

  • Variety – topics include discipleship, preaching, counseling, missions, theology and evangelism
  • Flexibility – courses are two-week modules with a one-week video option
  • Fellowship – forge friendships through prayer and encouragement
  • Focus – receive practical knowledge for effective ministry today
  • Affordability – earn credit for half the price of a part-time student; available specials