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What do pastors say?

Hear from pastors who have attended our classes

“It's been a great blessing. It's helped me to grow personally. It has helped me in solving specific problems that I have in ministry. The instructors have been able to bring real-world solutions to the problems that we face because they have been in ministry and have the background and experience.”

Pastor Nate Bednar, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Atlanta, Ga.

“I love it. It's so practical. I've been in Hawaii for 28 years now in the ministry, and I only have my undergrad. I've been hearing about the master of ministry degree for years and the Lord finally allowed me to come. It's been a blessing!”

Pastor Larry Estrella, Maili Bible Church, Oahu, Hawaii

“It'll give me some practical applications and methods to implement local church evangelism. The academic benefit is great, but the fellowship and time to be with other people in ministry is probably as much benefit as the class itself.”

Pastor Bill Stutler, West Milford Baptist Church, West Milford, W.Va.

“It's refreshing. I enjoy it. It gives you an opportunity to network with guys. I like the format with 2 different teachers. They come at it with a different approach, so they complement each other.”

Army Chaplain Greg Distad, Fort Jerome, N.Y.