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ECC 141: Infant & Toddler Development & Care 3 credits

A study of the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual domains of early development with application to the unique care and guidance needs of very young children, birth through age 36 months. Procedures for objectively observing, recording, and analyzing the development of young children. Special emphasis on learning care giving techniques and providing a developmentally appropriate physical environment and curriculum for children under the age of 36 months. This course requires lab hours in the campus child development center.

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ECC 200: Language & Literacy Experiences for Young Children 3 credits

Overview of early language and literacy development as well as methods and materials for fostering young children's listening, speaking, and emergent reading and writing skills. Students will also learn how to design and evaluate language-rich environments for young children and how to select, evaluate, and incorporate quality children's literature throughout the curriculum. This course includes practical application in campus early care and education center.

No sections offered in the spring semester…

ECC 222: Learning Technologies 3 credits

An introductory course in technology for early childcare professionals. Students will examine and develop skills using commercial, non-commercial, computer generated media and the internet. Students will learn how to apply these skills to teaching and learning, relating to parents and developing professional communications.

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ECC 251: Field Experience: Infants & Toddlers 3 credits

Students complete a minimum of 60 hours of supervised field experience in infant and toddler settings. Students will fulfill professional responsibilities and apply understanding of development and developmentally appropriate practices with very young children, birth through age 3, and their families. Additionally, students meet weekly with their supervisor and review observation and assessment techniques, curriculum planning, and appropriate adult/child interactions.

Prerequisite: Ed 251.

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1 InfoTH7:25–11:30AL202
1 InfoT7:25–10:40AL202

ECC 252: Field Experience: Preschool 3 credits

Students complete a minimum of 60 hours of supervised field experience in K-3 and K-4 settings. In this course, students expand their professional responsibilities by applying learning and development theories, demonstrating developmentally appropriate practices, and writing lesson plans for preschool children. Students meet weekly with their supervisor to review professional growth and development, appropriate adult/child interactions, effective curriculum planning, and appropriate assessment and documentation techniques.

Prerequisite: Ed 251.

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