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SSE 200: Foundations of Economics 3 credits

Blends the core concepts of both microeconomics (structure of markets, factors of production, elasticities) and macroeconomics (economic systems; public policy, including fiscal and monetary policy; supply and demand analysis of national income, inflation and unemployment) with personal responsibility as a citizen (credit, interest, banking, budgeting) to create a greater knowledge of the economy and the individual's role as a decision-maker within that economy.

Sec Days Time Room

SSE 210: Economics for the Professional 3 credits

A deeper look at the economic decision-making of individuals, firms and governments in a world of scarce resources. Topics include markets, public goods, utility maximization, costs of production, market structures, antitrust policy, labor unions, poverty, health care, gross domestic product, economic growth, business cycles, unemployment, inflation, monetary and fiscal policy, the global economy and comparative advantage.

Prerequisite: SSE 200.

Sec Days Time Room