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Fin 201: Corporate Finance 3 credits

Principles and techniques of financial analysis, planning and control, working capital management, capital budgeting, long-term financing and cost of capital.

Prerequisites: BA 101 or Ac 103 or Ac 203.

Sec Days Time Room

Fin 202: Small Business Finance 3 credits

An introduction to the financial management issues facing a small business, including the financial and legal factors affecting different forms of businesses, financial reporting, cash flow, planning and budgeting, working capital management, decision-making for long-term assets, sources of funds, venture capital, insurance and taxation.

Prerequisite: BA 109.

No sections offered in the spring semester…

Fin 305: Money & Banking 3 credits

An introduction to the principles, processes and problems of money and banking, with an emphasis upon the interrelationships of money, banking, and the economy. Particular attention is focused upon the commercial banking system and the Federal Reserve System.

Prerequisite: SSE 200.

Sec Days Time Room

Fin 402: Financial Theory & Application 3 credits

An in-depth analysis of financial statements and application of principles of finance to actual business situations. Designed to develop decision-making abilities by having students recommend solutions to financial problems. Students will design and use computerized spreadsheet applications to assist in analysis.

Prerequisites: AC 305 or Fin 201 Prerequisite.

Sec Days Time Room

Fin 404: Advanced Financial Management 3 credits

A study of special topics in financial management including corporation financial management, personal financial management and church financial management.

Prerequisites: Fin 201, Ac 204.

Sec Days Time Room

Fin 405: Investment Portfolio Management 3 credits

A study of various investment media available to the personal and institutional investor including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and options. Also examined are methods of identification of investment needs, approaches to determination of portfolio composition and risk management.

Prerequisite: Ac 204.

Sec Days Time Room