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SSS 200: Introduction to World Cultures 3 credits

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding cultural diversity and universals, and human-environment interaction using insights from the social sciences of anthropology and geography.

No sections offered in the spring semester…

SSS 202: Introduction to Sociology 3 credits

The principal concepts, methods and terminology of sociology. The relation of culture to group activities and an analysis of some of the major social institutions.

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SSS 304: Social Problems 3 credits

The nature, types and extent of social problems in contemporary society: crime, divorce, war and urbanization.

Prerequisite: SSS 202.

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SSS 375: Readings & Research in Social Services 3 credits

Critical analysis of readings in the social services field. Introduction to basic research concepts and methods with particular emphasis on synthesis and the development of literature reviews. Each section of the course focuses on a different aspect of the social services literature; possible topics include children and families, at-risk youth, mental health and well-being, diversity, social policy, and gerontology.

This course is not offered this academic year.

SSS 405: Seminar in Social Services 1 credit

Course consists of an independent research project culminating in a formal paper showcasing both an understanding of the social services field and the student's analytical and writing skills. Required of all students with a Social Services concentration.

Prerequisite: SSS 375.

This course is not offered this academic year.

SSS 489: International Studies Seminar 1 credit

A senior course required of all students majoring in International Studies, focusing on an~independent research capstone project that culminates in a formal paper or presentation showcasing the student's analytical and communication skills.

No sections offered in the spring semester…

SSS 497: International Studies Internship 3 credits

A summer practical experience requiring six weeks in a cross-cultural setting.

This course is not offered this academic year.

SSS 504: Cultural Anthropology 3 credits

The components of culture and how they affect individual behavior. Problems of cross-cultural individual behavior; and problems of cross-cultural contact, particularly for the missionary.

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