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Vincenzo Antignani

Photo of Vincenzo Antignani

Department of Biology
Division of Natural Science
College of Arts and Science



  • PhD, Agrobiology & Agrochemistry, University of Naples Federico II
  • MS, Plant Production & Pathology, University of Naples Federico II
  • BS, Plant Production, University of Naples Federico II



Dr. Vincenzo Antignani graduated magna cum laude from the University of Naples "Federico II" (Italy) with a Bachelor of Science in Ethnobotany and a Master of Science in Allelopathy and Plant Pathology. In 2009 he moved to Blacksburg, VA, where he worked as a visiting Ph.D. student at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (Virginia Tech). In January 2011 he completed his Ph.D. with a dissertation on “Trafficking of Virulence Factors in Plant and Human Cells”. After completion of his Ph.D., he worked as a post-doctoral research assistant at Virginia Tech and at the University of Michigan focusing on RabGTPases-mediated plant immunity. Before joining the faculty at Bob Jones University, he served as an assistant lecturer, lab instructor, and guest speaker in Italy and the US. Dr. Antignani has published papers in various scientific journals covering topics in plant biology, plant pathology, fungal biology, plant ecology, soil ecology, and biochemistry.

As a member of the science faculty at BJU, Dr. Antignani believes that his main responsibilities are: i. to facilitate the expression of personal skills and talents; ii. share his experience and knowledge in the biological field; iii. support the intellectual growth of every single student by stimulating critical thinking.

For most of his career, Dr. Antignani worked as a researcher, and now he is appreciating the challenges of serving as a full-time associate professor at BJU, and enjoying the fellowship of new colleagues. A special part of this exciting experience is the interaction with students from all over the world. Indeed Dr. Antignani can often be found taking a walk, sharing a meal, playing soccer, playing table-tennis, or simply tasing some Italian coffee with students on campus.