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Zack Carter

Photo of Zack Carter

Department of Communication Studies
Division of Communication
School of Fine Arts and Communication



  • PhD, Communication, Regent University
  • MA, Rhetoric & Composition , Purdue University - Main Campus
  • BA, Professional Writing, Purdue University - Main Campus


  • Applied Communication Research I (Com 605)
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution (PrS 312)
  • Interpersonal Communication (Com 203)
  • Oral Communication for the Professions (Com 410)
  • Special Topics in Communication: Marriage/Family Communication (Com 525)

About Zack

Dr. Zack Carter is passionate about helping others grow and flourish in their relationships. He's currently serving as an associate professor in the Communication Studies department at Bob Jones University. His doctoral experience merged interpersonal communication, psychology, and social psychology, where he researched and published early on concerning marital boundaries and social media intrusion. He has a heart for teaching, research, and writing on topics such as marriage, parenting, and premarital cohesion & boundaries; the self and cognitive management; nonverbal communication; and social influence through culture & persuasive technologies. 

Dr. Carter teaches a range of courses under the umbrella of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. He's enjoyed publishing for both academic journals and mainstream magazines, speaking at seminars and conferences, and contributing to radio and relationship-based podcasts.

Dr. Carter grew up in northwest Indiana, where he surprisingly actually enjoyed the cold winter weather. He has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses for over a decade, and equal to his love for teaching, he relishes opportunities to mentor others as they navigate their relationships. Dr. Carter loves spending time with his lovely wife, Stacey, and their precious toddler, as well as their sweet dog. In his downtime, you can find Dr. Carter with his family, weightlifting or relaxing in his camouflage recliner.