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Gainful Employment | Cross-Cultural Service, BA

This information is provided by Bob Jones University in compliance with the Federal Gainful Employment regulations.

Cross-Cultural Service, BA (view program)

Cost of Program

Based on current school year costs.

Tuition and Fees $52,745
Room and Board $23,160
Program Fees $2,440
Books and Supplies $4,800
Total Cost of Program $83,145

Length of Program

Intended time to complete 48 months
% of graduates* who completed on time n/a**

Debt at time of completion

Median debt for federal loans n/a**
Median debt for private loans n/a**
Median debt for institutional loans n/a**

* Completed program between July 1 of previous year and June 30 of current year.
** Less than 10 graduates completed this program on time. Therefore, disclosure information regarding on-time completion and median debt amounts including federal, private and institutional loan is prohibited.