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Gainful Employment | Cinema Production, BS

This information is provided by Bob Jones University in compliance with the Federal Gainful Employment regulations.

Cinema Production, BS (view program)

Cost of Program

Based on current school year costs.

Tuition and Fees $52,745
Room and Board $23,160
Program Fees $3,816
Books and Supplies $4,800
Total Cost of Program $84,521

Length of Program

Intended time to complete 48 months
% of graduates* who completed on time n/a**

Debt at time of completion

Median debt for federal loans n/a**
Median debt for private loans n/a**
Median debt for institutional loans n/a**

* Completed program between July 1 of previous year and June 30 of current year.
** Less than 10 graduates completed this program on time. Therefore, disclosure information regarding on-time completion and median debt amounts including federal, private and institutional loan is prohibited.