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Homeschooled Student Transcripts

What Makes A Good Transcript?

A transcript is documentation of your academic achievement in high school. It should be either typed or on a preprinted transcript form (sample template) and should include:

  • Student name, address, school name, phone number, gender, birth date
  • A list of courses year by year including the grade earned (i.e., Algebra 1) in 9th–12th grades
  • Grade: A, B, C, D and F (Do not use pass/fail)
  • Credit awarded: 1 credit = full year course; ½ credit = semester-long course
  • GPA
  • Graduation date
  • Optional: Awards, extracurricular activities, certifications, participation or leadership in an organization

NOTE: Official transcripts must include the handwritten signature of the student’s parent or course evaluator of the organization issuing the transcript.

Recommended courses in high school:

English — 3
Math — 2
Natural Science — 1
Social Studies/History — 2
Foreign language — 2

Upon completion of high school, you should have a minimum of 16–18 completed courses, including at least ten academic courses from the list above. A course is defined as five 45-minute periods each week for 36 weeks.