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Transfer Credits from Bible Schools

In addition to the regulations for other institutions, the following regulations clarify the basis of transfer for work completed in a standard Bible college:

  1. Credits earned in the field of religion in a standard Bible school of college level are considered for transfer purposes on the same basis as credits earned in other fields in a regular college or university.
  2. Credits earned in a Bible school of approved collegiate standing are accepted on the same basis as credits earned in any other institution of college level.
  3. Credits in the academic fields earned in a Bible school which does not have a recognized college department may be transferred only by validation. This validation may be secured by examination, as in English, or by the completion of the next course in sequence with a minimum grade of C, as in Greek. The procedure used is that recommended by the department. All validation examinations must be completed within the first half-semester of a student's registration in the University. A fee of $50.00 is charged for each validation examination.
  4. Evaluation of credits completed in Bible schools is made according to the regulations governing all transfer work, including the quality of work required, the maximum number of hours which may be transferred, etc.
  5. Because of the wide variety of religion courses offered in Bible schools and because of the variations existing in course titles and course contents from school to school, Bob Jones University allows all transfer credits in religion on an equivalence basis in terms of courses and credits listed in the University catalog under the School of Religion. This assignment of credits is made on the basis of the contents of the courses pursued elsewhere as compared with parallel courses offered in this institution. A student who majors in religion is then held responsible on his comprehensive examination for the Bob Jones University courses which have been assigned as equivalent courses.
  6. The University does not accept in transfer any work done in the field of religion by correspondence.