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College Transfer Student FAQ

How do I secure transcripts from my high school and any post-secondary institutions that I have attended?

Will my grade point averages (GPA) at other institutions carry over to BJU?

How many credits must I complete at BJU to earn a degree?

How long does it take a transfer student to graduate from BJU?

When does my transfer work become part of my BJU academic record?

Once I am accepted and attend BJU am I allowed to take courses during the summer at other institutions and transfer them to BJU?

If I change my major/minor does that impact my transfer work evaluation?

What if my major at my current or previous college is not offered at BJU?

I will be completing or have completed a course BJU does not offer?

I did not do well at my previous college; how will that impact admission’s acceptance decision and academic status at BJU?

I am currently attending another college, but want to transfer to BJU in the future. How can I determine what courses to take?

How long does it take to process a transfer work evaluation request?

Does BJU recognize military service?

I have 10 years of work experience. How do I apply for life experience credit?