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Outside Scholarship Resources

After you complete the BJU admission process and the FAFSA, you’ll be automatically considered for certain grants and scholarships. Here are some other places for you to research.

General Search

These general search sites are a good place to start looking for scholarships.

Featured Sources

NextGen Research Scholarship


To be eligible for the NextGen Research Scholarship, a current BJU student must:

  • Apply for the scholarship and complete an in-person interview with a member of the NextGen Research board
  • Have demonstrated remarkable aptitude for scientific research in biotechnologies, physics, chemistry, engineering, robotics, computer science, biomedical research
  • Agree to complete a summer research project approved by NextGen Research, and directed by a faculty from the Division of Natural Science at Bob Jones University

Scholarship Award

By the end of March the NextGen Research Scholarship committee will award a scholarship to an outstanding student who meets the eligibility requirements.

All students nominated for consideration or making application for these scholarships are reviewed by the committee and award is determined based on academic record, scientific interest, and demonstrated skills.

Application Process

Candidates must apply by expressing interest via email ( to NextGen Research by the month of February. In the application email the candidate needs to specify the area of interest and a possible research idea.

Distribution of Scholarships

All candidates for consideration are notified of their status in early May

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Name Amount Deadline
$1K College Giveaway$1,00012/31/2019
Allied Van Lines Scholarship 2018$1,00012/15/2018
Ambient Edge Students Affected by Cancer Scholarship$1,00012/31/2018
AMZ-Expert Amazon Student Scholarship Program 2018$1,00012/15/2018 Scholarship Program$1,00003/01/2019
Building the Future Scholarship$5,00001/01/2019
CGK Business Sales Scholarship$50012/15/2018
Chairish Scholarship Program$2,50001/01/2019
Child of an American Veteran Scholarship$1,50012/15/2018
CordlessSteamMop Innovative Writing Scholarship 2018-19$1,00001/31/2019 Scholarship$3,00012/31/2018
Cyber Forensics Open-Source Forensics Software Scholarship$1,00006/30/2019
DECASO Scholarship Program$2,50001/01/2019
Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award$10,00001/31/2019
E. Auger Scholarship for Students with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes$1,00007/31/2019
Empowered Future Teachers Scholarship$10,00001/01/2019
Empowered Future Teachers Scholarship$10,00001/01/2019
From Classroom to Classroom Scholarship$5,00006/30/2019
GlobalVision Graphic Design Scholarship$1,00006/01/2019
Golf Black Friday Scholarship Program$1,50012/15/2018
Help Your Loved One Scholarship from$1,00005/01/2019
Hired Scholarship$5,00007/15/2019
JSA Digital Marketing Scholarship Program$1,00012/31/2018
Kalu Yala Scholarship$1,00012/31/2018
Key Exteriors Scholarship$1,50004/01/2019
McLean DDS Medical Scholarship (2019)$1,00008/01/2019
MusicAuthority’s Annual Music Lovers$1,00004/01/2019
MusicAuthority’s Annual Music Lovers$1,00004/01/2019
National HRT Scholarship$1,00003/11/2019
Nationwide Debt Reduction Services Scholarship$1,00001/31/2019
Pinto Ranch 2018 - 2019 American Heritage Scholarship$2,00003/31/2019
PNC Education Loan Center Achiever Scholarship Sweepstakes!$2,00006/01/2019
Protoly Scholarship$1,00002/01/2019
Restaurant Supply Culinary Arts and Hospitality Scholarship$1,50005/01/2019
RevPart 2019 Spring STEM Scholarship$1,00012/31/2018
Saturncube Technologies Scholarship$1,00012/01/2019
Scholarship Opportunity by Pound Coffee$60012/31/2018 Senior Caregiver Scholarship$2,00001/15/2019
Senior Care 2019 Scholarship$50002/28/2019
South Carolina Tour Guide Scholarship$1,00012/31/2018
Square Cow Movers Scholarship for Community Impact$1,00012/31/2019
SUV Chicago Limo Annual Scholarship$1,50012/29/2018
Tec Ex Scholarship$1,50012/15/2018
The ABC Fundraising® Scholarship$2,50006/30/2019
The ATE Ballistic Helmet Scholarship Funds$1,00003/31/2019
The BrightStar Systems Future Technologies Scholarship$1,00003/15/2019
The Connect First Scholarship$1,00001/02/2019
The DigitalNovas Scholarship$1,00004/30/2019
The FamilyAssets 2019 Scholarship$3,00008/01/2019
The Gorilla 76 Women in Marketing Scholarship$1,50007/01/2019
The Justice Solutions Group “Future Mentors” Scholarship$1,50002/15/2019
The LatamReady Business Technology Scholarship$1,00002/01/2019
The Maptive $2,500 Scholarship$2,50001/05/2019
The Newsome Melton $1,500 Student Leadership Scholarship$1,50012/15/2018
The Summit Shah MD Scholarship$1,00006/01/2019
The Sure Oak Scholarship$1,00007/15/2019
Tingue Scholarship Program$1,00012/31/2018 Academic Scholarship Program$1,30012/27/2018
Your Marketing People Scholarship$1,00001/30/2019

Including a website or organization in the list above does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by BJU. Links are presented solely as a convenience and resource for students. We make an effort to vet the offers, but students should thoroughly and carefuly review all information.