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Canadian Brass

Canadian Brass

Mar. 17 at 7:30 p.m.

Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium

Composed of the country’s finest brass players, the Canadian Brass is an ensemble whose expanded instrumentation provides a broad palette of colors for works written for brass as well as fresh arrangements of classic literature. Celebrating their 50th year the Canadian Brass is an unmatchable experience!

Order by phone at (864) 770–1372 (Mon–Fri, 12–5 p.m.) Please call regarding physical disability accommodations.

Tickets Section Price
Adults Zone A $46.49
Zone B $41.38
Zone C $37.29
Students * All Zones $18.90
Alumni Assoc. Members Zone A $43.42
Zone B $38.31
Zone C $34.23

* Children 6 years of age and up are welcome to attend.

Seating Chart

Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium Seating Chart