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Metropolitan Areas — Church Planting

We have identified 15 specific sections of America's largest metropolitan areas that appear to have few, if any, fundamental churches. Additional on-site investigation would be needed to fully verify the need. These statistics represent the city proper; the surrounding area populations are likely much larger.

Area Population
New Orleans, LA 343,829
Riverside, CA 303,871
Newark, NJ 277,140
Brownsville, TX 175,023
Sunnyvale, CA 140,081
Boca Raton, FL 84,392
New Haven, CT 129,779
North Miami, FL 58,786
Evanston, IL (North of Chicago) 74,486
Coral Gables, FL 46,780
Oakland, CA 390,724
Carrollton, TX 119,097
Portland, OR 583,776
Vallejo/Benicia, CA (NW of SF) 142,939
Worcester, MA 181,045