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Speaker’s Bureau

New Workshops


Implementing a School Improvement Plan

Score Preparation for Efficient Rehearsals and Successful Performances

Administrative Techniques

In-service--Not Again! An Induction Plan that Works!

"Help? I'm Drowning:" Mentoring New Teachers

The 24/7 Classroom

We're Better Together: Peer Coaching, Collaboration, and PLCs


Building an Effective Basketball Practice

Coaching Soccer--Winning in Spite of the Score

Defensive Basics for Basketball Coaches

Leveraging Social Media for your Athletic Program

Student-Athlete Player Development

Winning Offense for Basketball Coaches

Athletics/Physical Fitness

Branding and Marketing your Athletic Department

Child Care

Darkness to Light: The Stewards of Children Sexual Abuse Prevention Training (3 Hours)

Christian Women

Counter-Cultural Ministry to Young Women

Juggling the Generations

The One Thing Necessary

Tips and Traps: Preparing Your Young Women for College

Classroom Management

Chaos Under Control--Discipline as Part of the Mission


Communication without Confrontation


Mimio Magic

Mimio Magic (Behind the Scenes)


Bullying: Understanding Aggression in the Classroom and on the Playground

Can I Be Your Friend?

Help for Hurting Kids

What about Self-Esteem?

Current Issues

Feminism: Friend or Foe


Criteria for an Effective Spaker

How to Incorporate Drama into the Classroom


Reader‚Äôs Theatre‚ÄĒtelling the human story!


English/Language Arts

Burning the Box in English Class

Comprehension Strategies for Content Area

Fluency: The Forgotten Reading Skill

Family Life

Encouragement for the Weary Heart


Spinning God Out of Dirt

Foreign Language

Ideas and Activities to make your Secondary World Language Classroom More Exciting


What to do when you hear the word CANCER


Rising above the Hum-Drum--Teaching History

The "Fullness of the Time" and the Reformation

The Reformation's Impact on the Modern Era

Instructional Strategies

Academic Pre-Planning: The Key to Academic Rigor

Critical Thinking in the 21st Century

Keeping Curiosity and Creativity Alive in Learning Beyond the Age of Five


101 Ways to Enrich Your Teachign with the Arts

Achieving a Better Choral Sound

Assessment in the Choral Classroom: A's for Effort?

Building High School Choral Leaders

Early American Folk Song and Movement

Enriching the Elementary Classroom with Music and Movement

Exploring Kodaly: Philosophies, Pedagogy, and Materials I

Exploring Kodaly: Philosophies, Pedagogy, and Materials II

Handbells for Every School! Handbells Open Unique Doors!

Integrating Music and Movement into Children's Literature

Listen and Move with Manipulatives

Music and Movement: Enhancing Learning across the Curriculum

Orff Methoda for the Music Classroom I

Orff Methods for the Music Classroom II

Ringing Excellence

Steps to Successful Part-Singing

Teaching Sight-Singing in the Choral Rehearsal

The Kodaly Approach to Music Education: An Overview

The Singer's Special Gift: Text

Uniting Kodaly and Orff: The Best of Both Worlds

Working with the Male and Female Changing Voice

World Music...Multicultural Music...Opportunities for Missionary Ethnomusicology

Personnel Management

Performance-based Interviews


Beauty in the Bible and Science

The Doctrine of Creation


The Origin and Purpose of the Moon

The Sun from the Bible and Science

Were Adam and Eve Real People?

Special Education

Providing Elementary Struggling Learners the Tools for Success

Providing Secondary Struggling Learners the Tools for Success

Understanding Autism

Teaching Methods

Implementing Response to Invervention

One Size Does NOT Fit All! Differentiated Instruction: Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Qhick and Simple Profress Monitoring

Strategies for Differentiating Instruction


Addicted to Distractions


Encouraging Reluctant Writers