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101 Ways to Enrich Your Teachign with the Arts New
Achieving a Better Choral Sound New
Administration and Curriculum for the Developing Band Program
A Guide to Good Literature for the Concert Band
A Healthy High School Choir
American Music: Can Music and History Be Related?
Assessment in the Choral Classroom: A's for Effort? New
Building High School Choral Leaders New
Developing a Children's Choir Program
Early American Folk Song and Movement New
Enriching the Elementary Classroom with Music and Movement New
Every Child Can Sing
Exploring Kodaly: Philosophies, Pedagogy, and Materials I New
Exploring Kodaly: Philosophies, Pedagogy, and Materials II New
From Psalm Writers to Song Writers: A Simplified Study of Hymnology
Games and Activities for General Music Classes
Handbell Ringing: the Alternate Instrumental Program
Handbells for Every School! Handbells Open Unique Doors! New
Instrumental Conducting: "Fix It vs. Feel It"
Integrating Music and Movement into Children's Literature New
Listen and Move with Manipulatives New
Listening in Music Class Should Not Be Passive
Music and Movement: Enhancing Learning across the Curriculum New
Music Competition--Should I or Shouldn't I?
Music Technology in the Classroom
Orff Methoda for the Music Classroom I New
Orff Methods for the Music Classroom II New
Part 1: Music History Simplified - Bach to Beethoven
Part 1: Rehearsal Techniques for Bands
Part 2: Music History Simplified - Beethoven to Copland
Part 2: Rehearsal Techniques for Bands
Ringing Excellence New
Selecting Quality Children's Choir Literature
Sprucing Up Your Elementary Music Classroom
Steps to Successful Part-Singing New
Survival Guide for Middle School Choir Teachers
Teaching Sight-Singing in the Choral Rehearsal New
The Cat in the Hat and Other Musical Ideas for the Elementary Classroom
The Effective Choral Program
The Kodaly Approach to Music Education: An Overview New
The Piano Teacher: The Golden Thread
The Pre-College Piano Program: Dollars and Sense
The Singer's Special Gift: Text New
The Young Pianist: An Artist in Miniature
Uniting Kodaly and Orff: The Best of Both Worlds New
Working with Finale: An Introduction to the Leading Music Software Program
Working with the Male and Female Changing Voice New
World Music...Multicultural Music...Opportunities for Missionary Ethnomusicology New