February 15–16, 2016

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Ever since the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, sin and suffering has been a part of the existence of every human being.

God provided a remedy that makes forgiveness for sin and comfort in suffering possible through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Everyone who has come to Jesus Christ for salvation can view his own sin and the suffering he experiences living in a broken world in a much different light than his lost counterpart.

The fact that he is a “saint” informs him how to respond to his plight as a “sinner” and as a “sufferer.”

In a world that is increasingly hostile to God and His gospel, the church can itself expect the suffering to increase in these last days.

In addition to the coming persecutions, the economic downturns, the disintegration of the family, and the rising crime rate, the increase in dependencies upon drugs and mind-numbing experiences will bring new challenges to the church as it ministers to the hurting world around it.

The conference will equip God’s people to see their suffering, and the suffering of the world around them, with grace and truth. Join us for this 4th annual event on the campus of Bob Jones University.



Monday, February 15

11–11:45 a.m.

Pre-Conference Intro (BJU Chapel)
Steve Pettit
Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium

7 p.m.

Session 1
The Purpose of Suffering and the Gospel

Steve Pettit
Stratton Hall
“Bruised and broken by the fall” is the universal plight of mankind until the Savior makes all things new. Until that time what are the universal themes God wants His people to embrace and live out before the world because of the gospel?

8:30 p.m.

Reception and Displays
Welcome Center

Tuesday, February 16

8–9:15 a.m.

Session 2
Beyond Suffering—The Message of Job

Layton Talbert
Stratton Hall
What kind of people suffer? Who is responsible for my suffering? What dangers lurk in suffering’s shadow? What kinds of questions does it raise, about me and about God? And how does the Bible’s premier commentary on suffering—the book of Job—resolve those questions and help one move “beyond suffering”?

9:15–9:45 a.m.

Fellowship Break
Welcome Center

9:45–10:45 a.m.

Session 3
God’s Provision in Suffering: A Suffering and Sufficient Savior

Steve Hankins
Stratton Hall
Suffering isolates, and a believer’s gaze can turn inward in paralyzing fear and shame, and/or turn outward in blame-shifting, bitterness, and sinful responses. His gaze must be turned upward to one who “is touched with the feelings of our infirmities.” “Healing” God’s way looks very different from the world’s definition and processes.

11–11:45 a.m.

Session 4
Living Joyfully in Suffering (BJU Chapel)

Bobby McCoy
Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium
Why do most people think that when suffering comes, joy must exit? Can the two exist together? Bobby will share his personal testimony of difficult circumstances and how God's grace is sufficient regardless of the situation. Unexplainable joy comes with a deep trust in God.


Kalmbach Room, Dining Common

1–2:15 p.m.

Session 5
Preparing the Shepherd to Minister to Suffering Sheep

Sam Horn
Stratton Hall
What does the pastor learn from his own suffering that God intends to use to make him a more compassionate and scripture-aware minister to others who hurt?

2:15–2:45 p.m.

Fellowship Break
Welcome Center

2:45–4 p.m.

Session 6
Restoring our own Soul in Suffering

Jim Berg
Stratton Hall
What does the believer do when his own soul is worn down by outward attacks, inward doubts, overwhelming demands, and the daily care of other hurting people in the church? What roles do the scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and the community of the local assembly play in his own soul as he seeks to honor Christ with his responses in the midst of his own trials?

4:15–5:15 p.m.

Post-Conference Workshop
Bible Study with Logos

Mark Ward Jr.
Levinson Hall


Walk through a workflow in Logos Bible Software that will enable you to study Scripture, prepare sermons and write papers using the many tools available in Logos. Mark L. Ward Jr., PhD, (BJU, 2012) is a Logos Pro at Faithlife, where he serves the church by writing about digital Bible study for various blogs and email lists.

Email: seminary@bju.edu
Phone: (864) 242-5100 x2831

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