Sexual Abuse and the Church

Nov. 6–8, 2012


About the Conference

Recent high-profile cases have placed sexual abuse in the national spotlight. Sexual abuse reaches people of all ages, races and backgrounds. Statistics reveal that most victims of sexual abuse know their attacker. Sadly, many children are sexually abused by family members, civic and church leaders, teachers, coaches or trusted companions.

Christian leaders need to understand the issue and recognize the fact that sexual abuse happens—even in Christian ministry. Pastors and church leaders need to be vigilant to protect those they serve and to be above reproach in how they respond to and handle instances of abuse.

This conference is designed to help pastors, church leaders and seminarians recognize, prevent and appropriately respond to sexual abuse and minister to its victims. Discussion will include assessing the challenges facing the church as it responds to abuse, reviewing approaches to preventing abuse, communicating with the church family and the media when abuse occurs within a family or within the church, and most importantly, ministering the healing balm of God’s Word to all who are affected.