Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Greenville, S.C., Bob Jones University is a Christian, liberal arts university focused on educating the whole person to reflect and serve Christ.

Educating the whole person for life

At BJU we believe that your undergraduate education is so much more than only taking classes at a local community college, or taking online courses at home, or even attending a college to learn job skills. In addition to preparing you for your chosen profession, our biblically faithful, liberal arts education will equip you with valuable life skills that will benefit you no matter where God takes you in life.

Build Faith

Strengthen your faith in the absolute truth of God’s Word.

Challenge Potential

Do more than you thought possible both in and out of the classroom.

Follow Christ

Take what you’ve learned to glorify God wherever He leads you.

Academic Programs

Whatever your interest, BJU has an option for you. We offer approximately 60 majors and over 20 graduate programs across a broad range of interests.

  • accounting
  • art
  • astronomy
  • bible
  • biology
  • business
  • chemistry
  • communication
  • computers/technology
  • counseling/psychology
  • criminal justice/law
  • design
  • education
  • engineering
  • film
  • fitness
  • food
  • government
  • health
  • international
  • language
  • law
  • math
  • missions
  • music
  • nursing/medical
  • physics
  • science
  • social science
  • writing

Become a Servant-Leader

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop your leadership skills through student organizations, athletics, societies and outreach ministries. Then, taking what you learn, you can go out and be a leader on campus and in your home, church, career and community.

Reach Out to Others

College is a time to reach outside of yourself. At BJU you’ll have daily opportunities to meet new people, get involved in outreach and make a difference in the lives of other people.

A student helping in a children's church program A student participating in a community clean-up effort Students praying together

Social opportunities at BJU are almost endless as you live, eat, play and go to class with your fellow students. You’ll broaden your own interests and perspectives as you meet people from different backgrounds, in different majors and with different points of view. These daily interactions within the body of Christ produce friendships that enrich your college experience.

Excellence in the Arts

At BJU you’ll have rich exposure to the fine arts—from a wide variety of recitals and concerts to professional-caliber Shakespeare, opera and modern productions to a world-class art museum on campus. You’ll learn to appreciate and enjoy the arts for years to come.

Intercollegiate Athletics

There’s a buzz on campus every time the BJU Bruins take the soccer field or basketball court for a game. Intercollegiate athletics at BJU is about helping student athletes develop Christlike character in a competitive environment, providing a platform for Christian ministry and enriching the college experience for all students. The emphasis for players and spectators alike is on sportsmanship above championship.

BJU is a Division I school in the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA).

BJU at a Glance

70% of freshmen receive grants and scholarships
Students from all 50 states and 41 countries
3,300 students

What's the Next Step?