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As you look for your best-fit college, are you looking for a place where you belong? A place where your creativity is valued and your mind is engaged? A place where your faith is strengthened and where you’re inspired to pursue God? And a place where you’re able to build relationships with others who want to glorify God and impact the world for Christ?

What are students saying?

Each class I took at BJU contributed toward my personal growth, including the ability to think for myself, and equipped me with the necessary skills to communicate effectively. I would highly recommend BJU to a potential student seeking a strong, Christian education.” — Ruth H., education

“I was well prepared, though ministry is a perpetual ‘on-the-job training’ endeavor. I benefited much from my major classes, the liberal arts emphasis, and the overall experience BJU provided. In particular, the writing required at BJU has been a great help in my ministry. I'm grateful for the way God used BJU to form my character and sharpen my skills.” — Chris A., Bible

“The best part of the school is the faculty. They are so knowledgeable in their fields and really push you to get the best from you. They teach you how to learn, making it easier to adapt to your future employment. And they will do whatever they can to help you succeed in the classroom and outside.” — John C., business

“BJU’s graphic design program is very comprehensive. We’re taught how to work with clients, how to work with other designers, how to document our process, how to make presentations to clients, how to work with printers, etc. Above all, the program forces students to develop a very good work ethic. I feel very confident about my ability to adapt to whatever the future brings.” — Robert G., graphic design

“I am astounded by the kindness shown to me by my professors. They have become more than just professors; they have become mentors, willing to take time inside and outside of class to help me academically and spiritually. In addition, my peers in early childhood education have become some of my best friends.” — Elise B., early childhood education

“BJU presents a holistic education that has shaped me into a well-rounded person through both their emphasis on excellence in academics as well as their spiritual focus in every class on campus.” — Courtney B., biochemistry and molecular biology

What is BJU all about?

Inspiring you to pursue…


From chapel to classroom to residence hall, every aspect of our community is affected by the new life Christ has given us.


Seeking to build Christlike character, we value the benefits of discipline in our daily lives and professional development.


Gain a deeper understanding of biblical truth, and develop your ability to effectively communicate that truth.


Experience the joy of serving others by helping in a community-service project, praying with a friend or serving in a local church.

What is BJU like?

Located in Greenville, SC

A city consistently ranked as one of the top places in the nation to work and live.

BJU is committed to your success

Your personal academic advisors, peer leaders, and faculty are committed to your academic success and spiritual growth.

With professors who care about you beyond the classroom

And lots of financial aid and scholarships!

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We'd love to connect with you, answer your questions and help you discover if BJU is your best-fit college.

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