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SCM 607: Pastoral Theology 2 credits

A study of the biblical basis for pastoral ministry. Includes examination of the qualifications and responsibilities of the office of pastor, evaluation of the various forms of church leadership and organizational polity, discussion of biblical instructions for pastoral care and church discipline, readings in the available literature, and formation of a biblical philosophy of ministry.

  • Dates: August 31 – October 22
  • Register by: August 17

SCM 632: Counseling 3 credits

A theological and practical introduction to the ministry of Christian counseling. Includes the establishment of a biblical foundation, the development of effective procedures, and the discussion of specific issues and problems in counseling.

  • Dates: August 31 – October 15
  • Register by: August 17

SCM 630: Counseling Children & Adolescents 3 credits

This course deals with biblical counseling principles and procedures for helping elementary and secondary school-age children. Case study examples will encourage application of course content.

Prerequisite: SCM 632.

  • Dates: October 24 – December 3
  • Register by: October 10

SCM 695: Biblical Counseling Capstone 3 credits

Provides practical biblical counseling experience for students who have completed at least 24 credits. The student will observe 10 hours of biblical counseling, be involved in 60 hours of practical biblical counseling experience, be involved in a minimum of 10 hours of an outreach ministry, and read and evaluate a book on biblical counseling case studies. A final comprehensive examination will assess the student's knowledge of biblical counseling.

  • Dates: January 11 – April 29
  • Register by: December 28

SCM 640: Counseling Applications 3 credits

Further practical application of the biblical counseling principles covered in SCM 632. Emphasis on the student's gaining experience in how to collect data, determine problems, facilitate biblical change and assign homework based on case studies.

Prerequisite: SCM 632.

  • Dates: March 6 – April 22
  • Register by: February 20

SCM 675: Theology of Missions 3 credits

An examination and systemization of the teaching of Scripture on the subject of world evangelism. Includes a comparison and contrast of the biblical model with contextualized theologies such as Minjung theology, Black theology, Hispanic theology and African theology.

  • Dates: March 6 – April 29
  • Register by: February 20

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